Revised kitchen design received

clip_image001I like it! The appliance to the left of the oven is a built-in dishwasher so the controls will be hidden… there will just be a horizontal pull handle to pull the panel down.

The full-length glass backsplash shown has removable panels so we could have put pictures behind there if we want, and would have made for easier cleaning of the panels too… but Lana wants to have tiles there instead so, no glass.

Since posting this we’ve received another view of the kitchen looking back towards the entrance which also shows the table and a fridge (which I like but it’s not the one we’ve chosen, or can obtain!).


Cooker hood is deeper than the wall units We will also need to work the cooker hood back into the design - it seems to have gone missing! Maybe it will be possible to build it in to the design and have a false door or just a plain panel above it to hide the duct, but it will need to have the control panel showing at the front and also probably need to be positioned higher up because it will be deeper than the wall units (it will be about the same depth as the cooking hob) and it needs to be high enough to avoid someone hitting their head against it when they are cooking something.

For the pendant light over the dining table (not shown here) something more like this would be what we would buy - it is easier to clean and it seems to fit in better with the colour of the kitchen:

Dining table pendant light

There’s a better picture of this light here

Here’s what it might look like with a picture behind it - this is Alaverdi in Georgia.. UPDATE: Lana want TILES Sad smile

Alaverdi Kitchen!