Pendant Light for Dining Table

We’re putting a pendant light over the (very) small dining table in the kitchen. I went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Tbilisi last night and quite liked the one I hit my head on there. The shade was about a half metre diameter hemisphere (like a dome shape) but I really liked the vintage style of lamp it contained, which looked exactly like this:

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Coffered Ceiling in Living Room

We’ve decided to change the ceiling from a plain flat on to a coffered type.

The problem we have is that the concrete ring beam on shows on 3 sides of the room so we’re going to design the ceiling for both the hallway and the living room with a narrow (false) beam over the TV to help break the living room up from the hallway.

Something like this reasonably accurate sketch:


Kitchen Equipment - Preliminary Selection

We made a preliminary decision on the kitchen equipment yesterday - we’d decided on Bosch so this is what we liked in the shop. Unfortunately they had a 2-day sale on Bosch products with big discounts but this ended yesterday so we neither had the time nor the cash to buy anything yesterday… but we have a few months before we need to buy the equipment (even longer for the fridge) so we may get lucky in the January sales - or maybe even luckier if we can bring them in from Germany and cut out the local dealers’ 100% mark up!

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